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 okay this site is for awesome people if  you are  not awesome go  see,  (which is not real)  i say that awsomeness means alot to you people so that is why you are here ,,.....okay now im not even making any sense  any way take the awsome test to see how awsome you truly are. and if anyone ever asks you about how or why you did somthing you reply ,...because im awsome!!!!! but dont say that to adults, you dont want to get yelled at. any way... click below to here our theme song( which is not ours is property of the dollyrots but we found it on you tube and it truly is awsome !!!!!!!!

if you are awsome then you dont wanna be like everybody else right?????? well here is an awsome video of the(ironic) care bears on fire. awww poor care bears.....