awesome people

1.what would you rather do????                                                                                                       2.what would you rather eat???????????? A.take a long nap B. ride a roller coaster                                                                                       A. pizza                      B.haglslag (real food) 


3.what would you rather read????????                                                                                          4.what would you rather see ?                       A.bridal couture    B. twilight                                                                                                               A.when sloths attack   B. new moon  


5.what would you rather hear??                                                                                                     6.what would you rather smell??????????? A.classical           B.dollyrots                                                                                                                A.violets                              B.awsomeness       


give your self ten points for each b and five for each a                                        if you got 30 or more you are awsome and if not you are just kind of boring i guess (no offence)

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